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We have broad experience in Commercial projects and this is an important area of our business.   We specialize in the import and distribution of our Tunisian limestones and marbles.  Our tile and slab collection consists of very dense limestones and marbles with low porosity. The technical properties of these materials make them well suited for a variety of applications. We also have tiles and mosaics to coordinate with these materials as well as sinks.   We have specified and supplied stone working with many well-known architecture firms for projects such as the Four Season Hotel, Washington, DC as well as many other commercial projects.


Many of our materials can be used for commercial exterior cladding as well as high traffic areas. We can produce many finishes, such as flamed, sandblasted, and brushed, as required. We manage commercial projects from order to delivery with a dedicated project manager in both our US and overseas office, managing quality control and tracking delivery schedules.


With our unique production capabilities, we are able to provide inspiring ideas to make your Hospitality projects unique and outstanding. Through our direct production capabilities, from our mosaics to our fabrication shop, we can create unique products which will be originally inspired while still meeting budget requirements.


We create unique architectural interiors for exceptional residences.  Our design process involves thoroughly understanding the client's taste and personality in order to capture the vision of the final creation, while combining our knowledge of historical and period styles to develop a authentic concept. 

  • Initial consultation - Commences usually at the drawing stages of a project.  Inspirational images and architectural styles are refined at this point.   Blueprints are helpful.   

  • For commercial projects, a subsequent technical review based on application and use is performed.   Discussions with contractor/architect are necessary.  

  • Renderings - We will present a concept board for each room and renderings of the spaces.   This is performed in conjunction with the designer and client.   We specialize in the hard surface design and become an additional asset to you and your designer in the creation process.

  • Budget Review - Once a vision has been created, we will work together with the designer and client to determine the proper allowance per area. 

  • Detailed installation specifications/drawings  are provided for the architect and contractor.   Additional services are available, such as Job site installation consultation, as required.



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